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Small Bus in the BIG Apple!!

a city at night

Grand Central Terminal opened its doors at midnight on February 2, 1913. The terminal has 44 platforms and 67 tracks. It was the third station built at 42nd St. It was preceded by Grand Central Depot (1871) and Grand Central Station (1900), both of which were demolished. 150,000 people walked through the doors for its inauguration. Now, 750,000 visitors pass through daily.

This is just one of the many stops along the way. We won’t drop you off and leave you guessing which direction to walk in or wondering when the bus will return… if it does at all.

At each of the noted stops our guides will walk with you, as he explains the history behind what it is you’re visiting. They take their time to make sure everyone has a chance to really take it all in. Capture the moment with a few photos. Our guides will even take the picture for you. So that one member of your family can FINALLY be in the picture. Oh, and don’t worry about your personal belongings. You can leave whatever you don’t want to carry, when off the bus, on the bus, safe and secure. Our buses Never leave you and the driver won’t leave the bus. We get you up close and personal to it all. Unlike the bigger buses that are restricted, we go places they can’t.

Smaller groups allow for a more personal experience. At the end of the day, we want you to feel as if you just spent the day with good friends. Or at least as if you made a few new ones. So get out of the heat! Leave the long lines and the and the guessing to someone else. Climb aboard with us! Soft, plush seats. Air conditioning, ice cold bottled water, and outlets to keep your phones alive! Be sure to check us out on TripAdvisor.com and BOOK NOW at Smallbustoursnyc.com We’ll save a seat for you!

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